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Berry Newkirk

I'm originally from State College, Pennsylvania, but moved to Charlotte, North Carolina during high school where I discovered my desire to act; but as my parents were not too fond of my being a starving artist, I went on to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to get a liberal arts education.

It was there that I began studying with Emmy Award Winning Joan Darling and became hooked, enrolling as a Drama major. After graduating and emerging from a 70 mph car accident unscathed, I decided to make the leap to New York City. I spent two years there, training with Michael Howard, Patsy Rodenburg and the People's Improve Theatre and was cast in the Obie Award Winning The Brig with the Living Theatre.

I returned to North Carolina for a temporary break from the city only to rediscover a love of trees and open spaces and since have been making the most of it, appearing in several feature length films, shorts, plays and a commercial. My recent success has thankfully turned my parents around.

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