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Reservoir Dogs

The screaming Newkirk starts the show as a dying bag of blood (and more blood, and more blood), but in Act II he takes the stage with a fantastic monologue that mixes direct address and narrative form seamlessly.
For most of the production's 108-minute length, Orange is in excruciating pain, but Barry Newkirk lives credibly in this narrow, desperate range, his sufferings occasionally the wellspring of cruel, black humor.
- Creative Loafing
As I've said, the ensemble is amazing. Nearly all of the actors are dynamic and engaging. Barry Newkirk as the wounded Mr. Orange and Scott C. Reynolds as the ill-fated Mr. White are particularly good, but the entire cast is fully committed to this production and we are sucked in.
- Artsalamode


Barry [sic] Newkirk gives us a darker Thom than we saw from Luke Pizzato, with an ungainliness that borders Tim Burton's animated frontiers.
- Creative Loafing


Impeccably coiffed and outfitted, Berry Newkirk has the gaunt cerebral look of Brandon and plays him with an effete sangfroid, chillingly precise, calculating, and polite. He absorbs the suspense of the 102-minute evening brilliantly, much of it emanating from Charles, a bumbling, nerveless, neurotic, migraine-prone, and alcoholic choice for an accomplice.
- Creative Loafing
Wyndham Brandon (played with charm and malice by Berry Newkirk)...The small cast is uniformly excellent (though the British accents were uneven at times). Berry Newkirk as the criminal mastermind is particularly effective...
by the climax, the right deep notes of alarm have been sounded, especially in the battle of wills between the supercilious Newkirk and the incredulous Vaccaro, both good.
- Charlotte Observer


Suffice it to say that Berry Newkirk, so scintillating last month as the mastermind in Queen City Theatre's Rope, is every bit as perfect here and far more charming. And let's not overlook Mark's redeeming qualities, for it is on the road to kicking his dependency that Newkirk must muck around in that ugly, graffiti-decorated toilet.
- Creative Loafing
Berry Newkirk, last seen in Queen City's Rope gets more opportunities to emote here as Mark. His character tries to be good despite the lack of anything for him to live for. He slowly becomes aware of the sinking ship he and his friends are on, and eventually tries to save himself. Newkirk conveys all of this nicely.

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